Saturday, December 31, 2005


These are some of the t-shirts I have made for friends and family. Allow me to fill you in.

-Zen, that would be my heat packin' friend, Luke.

-Red Bull, that, of course, is the loveable hulking lug, Brad.

-Bradman, well, that is
my lactose intolerant,
milk shunning hero,
Suffers slightly
from cape envy.

-This is Buz Lightyear (me),
Christy, Luke, and Shareen.
I made these shirts for the
four of us. They were kinda
lame, but the picture means
a lot. To me anyway.
Those were amazing times.

Song Visuals

The lyrics:

You're the keeper of my soul
Through every drought and storm
When life leaves me worn and cold
You shelter me and peace flows

Breath of God spring new life
Spirit move through my bones
Holy love embrace me
Stir my heart
Wake my soul
Bring new life
And make me whole

(Sorry, the last stanza has taken up
residence in the abyss and I don't
know the name of the song. If you do
let me know.)


These are some sketches I have kept over the years. I like to sketch with bic pens, nice lines, not much room for error though.
And others, of course, with trusty lead.

-The three drawings of the athletes were done just as poster ideas for a youth group. Then the fella with the lantern was for t-shirts and hoodies.

-The barbarian and the knight were charicatures of two great friends of mine. Matt is the bear crushing brute with a soft heart for puppies. And Luke is the dashing and debonair swashbuckler with a quick sword and sly smirk. If you are lucky enough to know these gentlemen you will have a good laugh.

-Spiritual warfare is the topic here. Some pesky demons gettin' wut for.

And this is an image
of Satan getting
The warrior does not
run, does not fear.
He knows victory is

1998 and older

These are some drawings done in 98 and even before that, so, pretty old. Some I didn't even finish.

-Superman hangin' with Tarzan. Kinda came about from listening to that Crash Test Dummies song.

-unfinished Battle Chasers fan art, I guess. I don't think I did Joe Mad justice.

-Some characters from a huge story I was working on back then. I got loads of sketches for it.

-Another unfinished sketch I did from a photo. Sorry Rebeccah